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Dear internet, 2010 is the year that everything changes for me. Been busy with addressing the second phase of my life crisis, which will not settle down until January 2011. Sometimes I can multi-task – while working on this life crisis stuff, sometimes I’ll pop a DVD in or watch some videos on YouTube. So I watched some recent films, like Where the Wild Things Are and Drag Me to Hell. They’re both absolutely terrible movies. I’ve been enjoying watching some Let’s Play videos on YouTube much more. That’s where somebody records and comments on their progress through a video game. Really great since I definitely don’t have time to play these games on my own now! I’m also doing a good job of learning how to cook and am quite proud of some of my recent dinners, simple as they may be.

Friendly reminder: I am looking for Guest Posters. I want to hear more perspectives on the themes dealt with here at Feminists with Female Sexual Dysfunction. Because I am dealing with such a sensitive topic, I don’t think I can actively recruit new posters, since if I went onto someone else’s blog and said something like, “Hey u wanna write a post about your sexual health and/or feminism on a public forum?!” that would probably be very invasive. For this reason, Guest Posters requesting to remain anonymous will also be taken seriously.
At this time, criteria for inclusion is, “If you think you would fit in here, you probably would.” This may be subject to change but for now we’ll try that & see how it goes.
In an attempt to preemptively fight spam and rude comments, this blog’s email is private. Please leave a comment on this post if you want to write something. I’ll screen comments so you can remain anonymous if you want. That way I’ll have your email and we can collaborate.
Have something you’ve been working on? Send it my way.
Comments made by new e-mail addresses here are auto-screened before going live, so if you want to stay anon use an e-mail address that you haven’t used here before.

Can’t get enough of feminism and sexual dysfunction on the internet? You may want to think about following the Twitter feed, which is more accurately described as my Twitter feed since no one else manages it. Some of my daily mundane and/or angry thoughts sneak in there but I try to include trendy topics as well as a healthy dose of sexual dysfunction related news when I find it.

Now then, on with the blog link roundup that’s starting to become an irregular feature around here. Posts I found interesting over the few weeks. Share links if’n you got’em.

Reminder: MTV’s True Life: I Can’t Have Sex is set to air on Monday, December 6, 2010, at 10pm EST/9pm Central. This is turning into a big fucking deal more so than I first anticipated – even Babeland is involved! Babeland, people! I can’t attend the Black Fence Manhattan premiere party and fundraiser so I’m anxious about the reception this episode will get – a lot of people think dyspaerunia and sexual dysfunction are a laugh riot. We don’t know what the episode will look like until it goes on TV. And I mean think about it, this isn’t going to be a 7-minute video clip or a 2-minute plot point like we usually see in media depictions of dyspareunia and pelvic pain conditions. It’s supposed to be the entire episode. Oh man I still need to work on that video transcript from like 2 weeks ago too. Now unfortunately for me, I don’t even have my trusty VCR or a DVR where I am right now so I’m hoping that MTV will stream the video online. Oh I’ll definitely be watching tomorrow night, no doubt, but I need to be able to rewind in order to jot down good notes.

But wait, there’s more! Urgent – Tamra has word on the streets that this may not be the last time we’ll see dyspareunia on television! Tamra says to get in contact with her personally to see if making arrangements for an interview is feasible.

Oh man I’m so anxious now about all this vagina and pelvic pain stuff on television oh man I need something to break the tension. What th- look, it is a Vagaceratops! – Yeah that’ll work.

The Problem with Sex Addiction – Dr. Carol Queen goes over some of the controversies involved with this highly controversial diagnosis. (I don’t know man, I’m like, some folks, not all of them experts, insist that you can become addicted to video games, so I don’t see how if you can get addicted to one kind of behavior you can’t do the same with another. But then again as far as I know there’s no specialized field for video game therapy, either, like there with sex therapy. Hmm…)

I saw two posts about this concept called, “Sexual compliance.” That’s where you willingly go through with sexual activity – but you don’t actively desire it. So this raises questions about where compliance falls on the consent spectrum. Questions I find myself asking where this sexual compliance fits in with sexual dysfunction and where it fits in with sex therapy; for example I’ve seen a few sex therapists recommend scheduling time for sexual activity (but not necessarily specifying which sexual activity.) Here’s the two posts I saw based on sexual compliance. Consent, Compliance, and the Challenges of Negotiating Sex from Charlie Glickman and Not a dichotomy, a spectrum: on rape, consent, and desire from Hugo Schwyzer.

No Pleasure in the Ghetto – How racism and classism impacts the nature of sexual education you receive.

Accessing Sexual Health Part One: Barriers To Getting There – Hopefully part 1 in what I hope will become a continuing series of posts about challenges people with disabilities face when looking for sexual health care.

Sex and Mental Health – In this post, Midori goes beyond the relationship between antidepressant and sexual dysfunction, and asks questions about the day-to-day life with mental illness & how it can impact sexual relationships. Unfortunately she has not yet found resources she is satisfied with that address these intersections.

Then, Kitty Stryker responded with Love, Lust and the Black Dog, which did address some of these above questions and has a few recommendations for folks who do have disabilities and sexual problems.

Your Daily Dose of Rage – Jezebel is a feminist-leaning media portal, though it is careful to not explicitly identify as feminist. And so when a feminist-leaning website – which still has a long history of problematic posts, language and comment moderation – published a garbage piece [Trigger warning,] it received a lot of backlash – rightly so. The editor eventually offered a weak apology but it doesn’t address everything that needs to be addressed.

Your Morning TSA Security Round-Up[Trigger warning] Are you someone like me who, for whatever reason, does not use vaginally insertible menstrual products? If so, you may need to skip using cloth pads with snappy buttons if you’ll be flying out of a US airport while menstruating. (I understand that the scanners can also see your menstrual pads – but most people use disposable ones so hopefully the TSA folks will recognize ones with sticky backs better than the cloth ones, and so let you pass through unharassed…) Folks with disabilities are likewise at increased risk [Trigger warning] of invasive “Screening.” Trans folk, too, are at increased safety risks because of transphobia + the scanners. Here is a summary of the new TSA screenings and some tips put together with transgender people in mind: Heading for the Airport? How the TSA policies impact transgender travelers

Giving Thanks for Sex…With a Bit of Melancholy – Good news & Bad news on the history of sexuality in the USA.

A Thanksgiving Coming Out: My Traditional Holiday Poem – I hate something like 90%-95% of all poetry. This is one of the 10%-5% I don’t hate. (Which is how I say “I liked it.”)

An Open Letter to US College Students – Please hold all questions until the end of the blog post. Thx.

Thoughts on Record of the Dead – On the FWD blog, a monthly recap of known deaths of PWD was posted just three times. It’s overwhelming, seeing all the names, and some common elements to their deaths.

WikiLeaks founder & consent (by Suzie) – WikiLeaks and its contents have been all over mainstream media. What’s not always mentioned or made clear is one of the reasons WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, is a wanted man. He has been accused of rape by two women.

Introducing :: Project “What Are You Into?” – Clarisse Thorn is looking for submissions if’n you got’em.

Waking up from The Pill – What is this? It’s something written down. On the one  hand it’s just raising the ever-present specter of “OMG WOMEN WILL FORGET TO HAVE BABIEZ AND WILL REGRET IT LATER! Better stop using contraception, ladies!” so we can obviously point out the problems with that all. But on the other hand the first page talks about like, this fake birthday party held in honor of The Pill, for turning 50 and I’m like… waaaaaait a minute, back the truck up: Why was The Pill given a birthday party? Is this a regular thing that pharmaceutical companies do? Hey wait a minute… aren’t we supposed to like, make a critical, feminist analysis of giving a prescription which targets women, giving that a birthday party? Aren’t we like, supposed to say “Hmmm?” I am very much uncomfortable with The Pill getting its own symbolic birthday party… Isn’t that birthday party in and of itself another form of marketing? How do I examine problematic elements of The Pill, its history and its marketing without simultaneously harder to obtain birth control? I don’t want to do it the way this article did it — this article is condescending. There has got to be a better way.

Blog Carnival of Mental Health: Diagnosis – Astrid posted the first carnival with this theme! Next theme will be “Night.” Here is also Disability Blog Carnival #71.

Last blog link roundup, I mentioned the birth and death of Privilege Denying Dude. Now witness his rebirth: Fuck Yeah, Privilege Denying Dude: illustrating many of the derailing tactics used when trying to discuss social justice issues. When the first Privilege Denying Dude picture had to be removed from Tumblr for copyright violation, one volunteer, Edman, offered to let his image be used for the purposes of this meme. Now last roundup, you may recall, I had made an image with the meme generator that I was unable to post here due to the copyright violation thing. So here is the new version, with Edman’s picture. Remember though, this image may be upsetting if you are unfamiliar with the greater context of the Privilege Denying Dude. The purpose is satire. Please drop by the last weekend roundup to catch up on some news relating to PDD if you are unfamiliar with this meme, or check out some feminist blogs that have been covering it.

[Picture: Background: 8 piece pie style color split with red and teal alternating. Foreground: White, cisgender guy with glasses and light shadow wearing a sweat shirt over a button down and short black hair. Has a smug, arrogant facial expression and crossed arms. Top text: “Female sexual dysfunction?” Bottom text: “You’ve just never been with me, baby!”]

Uugh I still feel real dirty after posting that uuugh I think I lost my appetite I gotta go take a shower or something wash my eyeballs. Cuz this is still the guy, right there, the one who goes around saying that sort of thing in comment sections to articles about female sexual dysfunction. Not edman himself. But symbolically. PDD.

No seriously I really need to shower now but in the mean time, I’m sure there’s more…


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  1. Ahhh why have we never spoken before. You are my new favorite blogger lol. Really wish you could make the fundraiser event but this is just the beginning.

    Loved your blog!!!! Cool to relink on my blogsite and repost on fb? Let me know!

    • Hello, and thank you!

      Yes it is ok to re-link this on your blog site & facebook.

  2. I ended up here following links from Questioning Transphobia. What I’m wondering is why you captioned the image macro as “White, cisgender guy with glasses and light shadow wearing a sweat shirt over a button down and short black hair.” How do you know the guy is cisgender? And maybe more to the point, even if you know that he is, how does knowing that help someone who can’t view the image to imagine its contents?

    • Because that was a ready-to-go caption that was available somewheres on or around the fyeahprivilegedenying dude tumblr when I made it.

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