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Dear internet, I’m still getting used to my new schedule. Halloween was surprisingly fun for me this year, I didn’t dress up but I went out to a big event and took a lot of pictures of people dressed up in excellent, creative costumes. Next year if I go to the same or a similar event again I definitely want to dress up and play along. Speaking of holidays, Thanksgiving is coming up soon and it’s getting to be quiet season at work so I think I may take a little time off to recuperate from a spike in stress. Then there will be more stress with end of the year holidays. If I take some time off I’d like to do some writing, I have some good ideas for new blog posts too but I haven’t had much time to bang them out. The US midterm elections took place earlier this week too and I voted. I am sorely disappointed with the results, as are many of my friends.

Friendly reminder: I am looking for Guest Posters. Did you see this week’s guest post by Elizabeth? Kind of a funny story behind that interview. I keep thinking to myself “So an asexual woman and a woman with sexual dysfunction walk into a bar…” I guess the next line isn’t much of a punchline because I think it ends, “…And they sat down to have a few drinks and discuss asexuality and sexual dysfunction.” I don’t usually drink but I’ll make an exception a few times a year.

I want to hear more perspectives on the themes dealt with here at Feminists with Female Sexual Dysfunction. Because I am dealing with such a sensitive topic, I don’t think I can actively recruit new posters, since if I went onto someone else’s blog and said something like, “Hey u wanna write a post about your sexual health and/or feminism on a public forum?!” that would probably be very invasive. For this reason, Guest Posters requesting to remain anonymous will also be taken seriously.
At this time, criteria for inclusion is, “If you think you would fit in here, you probably would.” This may be subject to change but for now we’ll try that & see how it goes.
In an attempt to preemptively fight spam and rude comments, this blog’s email is private. Please leave a comment on this post if you want to write something. I’ll screen comments so you can remain anonymous if you want. That way I’ll have your email and we can collaborate.
Have something you’ve been working on? Send it my way.
Comments made by new e-mail addresses here are auto-screened before going live, so if you want to stay anon use an e-mail address that you haven’t used here before.

Can’t get enough of feminism and sexual dysfunction on the internet? You may want to think about following the Twitter feed, which is more accurately described as my Twitter feed since no one else manages it. Some of my daily mundane and/or angry thoughts sneak in there but I try to include trendy topics as well as a healthy dose of sexual dysfunction related news when I find it.

Now then, on with the semi-weekly blog link roundup. Posts I found interesting over the few weeks, because I missed a roundup – I’ll probably have to cut back on roundups under my new schedule. Share links if’n you got’em.

“The music is different now. But it’s still there.” – I usually hate hate hate poetry. I would rather read a 5,000 word post on the history of the Q-tip than read 10 lines of bad poetry. But I like these poems by Linda Martinson, who has fibromyalgia.

Pressure – the Downside of scheduling sexytime, which I have frequently seen suggested for couples or individuals dealing with low libido issues. Not necessarily a bad idea but sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you hope.

Interstitial Cystitis Awareness Month – I missed posting about it during October but better late than never. Jeanne made a video for it.

GeekDesk – it’s on the pricier side, a few hundred dollars, but I thought maybe this would be of some interest to readers with pudendal neuralgia, who may not be able to sit down for long periods of time.

Kink and Fibromyalgia – Like Ms. Sexability, Kit finds some relief from chronic pain in BDSM activity. She He has also made some friends with service-oriented subs who assist her him with more mundane, non-sexual tasks as well. Found via E-lust.

Parents tell how every day is a battle to care for teenager struck down with chronic fatigue syndrome – Ouch!!! Seen via FWD. This sound familiar to anyone?: “Carol said: ‘The paediatrician told us the ME has been dealt with and it’s all down to anxiety. They always fudge over the physical illness.’ Hmm…

Telegram to TABs: On Spoon Theory – Oldie but goodie; a timely reminder… Hay, could anybody point out to me the exact point where spoon theory says anything about activities which restore spoons? Oooo, you know what, I didn’t see that part. I don’t think it says anything about that! In fact I think it explicitly states, “when your “spoons” are gone, they are gone.” What is so hard to understand about this?! You know what, if the spoon theory doesn’t work for you then it doesn’t work for you, fine whatever. But if it works for someone, then why not honor it as-is; why would you ignore this critical piece and like make shit up that’s not in it and yet still call it “Spoon theory?” I can venture a guess; it’s a word that starts with a “P” and ends with “rivilege.”

Is Asexuality/Nonsexuality Included under the LGBTQ Umbrella? – Speaking of asexuality… found via Womanist Musings.

Assistance Dog Blog Carnival #1 – Nifty theme for a blog carnival. Astrid is looking to host a blog carnival of mental health soon too, if you wanted to submit something for that. Racialicious is going to host a blog carnival soon too! The theme is loosely based around sex & love.

Breasted Interests – October is over, and so is breast cancer awareness month. This is an article which is critical of various awareness campaigns – and often, rightly so.

The People You Meet When You Write About Rape. – Some of whom show up in the comments section so I don’t recommend slogging through there for too long. It was followed up by Seven Points On Rape, Prevention, and Blame.

Here is a list of 2010’s top 100 sex bloggers. I see there are some familiar faces listed; I’ve included some of these contributors’ works in previous link roundups. Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2010.

Racial Identity Cannot be Determined by Casual Bystanders – Unfortunately that won’t stop people from tryin’.

Cash-Transfer Programs Show Remarkable Success in Fight Against Global Poverty – Surprise!: most people know what is best for them most of the time. Adding artificial barriers can create hurdles to get to the needed thing. These programs aren’t completely problem free either but it’s not exactly what you were expecting, is it? Or perhaps it is.

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Rally – The US election results were mostly disappointing to many feminist bloggers; so too was the sentiment expressed at the Stewart/Colbert rallies in Washington, D.C.

Here’s some more humorous fare for you. Did you know feminists can be funny? Not me though; I’m one of those people who can’t tell a joke… which is sad because I’m also one of those people who sometimes has secret fantasies of being a popular stand-up comedian. They’ll put me on last so that I clear out the room.

A Pocket Guide to Vaginal Euphemisms – Terms vaginas are frequently referred to and what they mean. I’ll admit it I chuckled at a few of them.

FUNNY WOMEN #1: The New Rumpus Humor Column: I Am Sorry That I Didn’t Write a Comedy Piece – Laying bare stereotypes of women.

Gabby’s Playhouse: Discussing Sexism on the Internet – I’m posting the Scans_Daily community post because when I checked it last night Gabby’s blog was down, but he wrote this comic strip about discussions of sexism and I wouldn’t bother looking in the comments section because well there you are then.

Also here is a picture of Morbo from Futurama, because this blog is in desperate need of more pictures and this picture captures exactly the way I feel right now:

Morbo Pictures, Images and Photos

“Windmills do not work that way!”

[image description: Morbo the green anchor space alien with a giant head from Futurama, looking angry.]

I’m sure there’s more…


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  1. Hi K! Thanks for the link; this is an interesting blog and I think you are doing an important service by writing it.

    There’s absolutely no harm done, but I did want to set the record straight that I am actually one of those rare men who has Fibromyalgia. I do consider myself a feminist, however.

    It’s interesting to see Fibro/Chronic Fatigue discussed here. It’s interaction with sex for me is complex. Many times sex and kink play assist my condition, but there are times when Fibro makes sex difficult or impossible for me, too. Thrusting becomes impossible when the hips are in agony, just to name one small example. My post was an attempt to explore one aspect of this and I am glad you enjoyed it. I am always happy to talk with others about sex, Fibro, and disability.


    • Oop! My bad, sorry. Fix’d.

      Thanks for stopping by. My problems are not fibro or chronic fatigue but some of the readers here have one or both (or more.)

      • The specifics can be very different but finding common ground is so empowering. Thanks again.

  2. Hi K,
    Thanks so much for the link. 🙂

  3. Something that’s really been bothering me since I heard of it is the new “enhanced pat-down” that the TSA has implemented. Not only because there are already reports of abuse and admissions of intent to demoralize, but because as someone with vulvodynia, having some security officer grope my genitals would be extremely painful. Definitely something everyone who flies and doesn’t want to go through the new scanner ought to know about, especially those of us who experience pain when touched.

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