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Like many people, I find that the amount of activity in my life suddenly spikes around September. Some of you will be returning to school or work (or both, if you are a teacher. Or an adult getting a degree later in life.) I graduated a few years ago and I’m glad to be free of academia – I’m not quite ready to go back for a second degree or my master’s yet. Nonetheless, although I don’t have any official homework, I do find myself swept up into home + work stuff.

So if I’m not returning to school, then what’s the reason for the lack of new and interesting content this week? Don’t worry, I’m not burned out yet! As frustrated as I get dealing with feminist blogs (don’t we all?) I’m not ready to give it a rest. But I find myself needing to cut back, at least temporarily. There are reasons. Sudden, life-altering, stressful, meatspace reasons that I prefer not to blog about here. These reasons are not relevant to this blog content except inasmuch as the reasons interfere with my time + energy to write. Hopefully these life changes will prove to be a positive thing in the end, but for now, I’ll be quite busy for the next few days at least, probably spilling over into a few weeks.
I swear, every day, for the last two weeks, it’s been something. Everybody wants a piece of me. This is the first time in about a week that I’ve actually sat down at my nice comfortable “Work” station to bang out a hello on the computer. Well, they say that when you’re a blogger, self-care has to come first.
Sooner or later during these life changes I’m going to have spotty internet connectivity but for now I’ve got reliable wifi. If worse comes to worse I plan to call an IT support person in to fix the internet when things settle down. I don’t have the patience to set up the wifi myself.

Now I do have some goodies working their way down the pipes for you to look at… but they’re not all ready to go yet. Until I get re-established on firm footing, things may be spotty or on the lighter, fluffier side around these parts. Damn, I was even working on another big post which I now realize is going to have to be split into two separate posts and the one that goes up first, unfortunately, is going to require more evidence-gathering in order to support the second post. Evidence gathering takes time. So maybe until I get that done to my satisfaction, I may try to come up with something “Easier.” Hopefully something relateable.

Or, better yet! I have a great idea! Since I’ll have my hands full for awhile, perhaps you would be interested in writing a guest post? Maybe there’s something on the list of stuff we still need to talk about on this here blog that you’d like to pick up and run with. Or maybe you have a different idea that could be relevant to the intersection of feminism + sexual dysfunction. Or maybe you want to take an existing idea we’ve already covered in a new direction. Or maybe you’d like to open up and share something more personal with readers here? If you’re feeling righteous, creative and bold, then perhaps a guest post is right for you!

Look at this, I don’t even have time to do a proper blog link roundup. Oh this is just unacceptable. There was some neat stuff last week I wanted to direct your attention to! Oh well, let’s at least get a partial blog link roundup. Here’s some interesting posts that you may have missed over the last week & a half. Share links if’n you got ’em.

Plus-Size Sex Positions – This post provides some guidelines for sexual positions if you or your partner(s) is on the larger size.

Why I Keep Having Sex Despite the Pain – A different kind of perspective. There are many reasons women have sex, and that includes women with vulvar pain.

Bed Bitch & Beyond (Not So) Good Vibrations: A Confession – *Gasp* A feminist who does not personally love vibrators! She’s a witch! Burn her! Naaah, I don’t mean that; It’s totally fine. Another different kind of perspective.

Big wins for the Tea Party; losses for hairy palms – The winner of the Delaware primary is a Tea Party member and an anti-masturbation activist. Yes, really. Well, really, more of an abstinence-including-anti-masturbation activist.

Sexting and Slut-Shaming – That sounds like a miserable sexting awareness campaign 😦 It shouldn’t have to be that way! You know it’s, this comes just a few years after instant messaging. I don’t remember such a campaign for teenagers cybering back in my day. Maybe that’s for the better that I don’t remember being exposed to such a campaign.

Ask Matt: Estrogen is Hurting My Relationships – I hope Matt does not mind if I lurk in the comments to this one; I am cis myself but have had issues with my hormones in the past and fully expect to have more issues later on as I get older.

36-Hour Arabian Nights – The post is SFW but the advertisements maybe not so much – because the commercials being discussed here are for erectile dysfunction medication. It’s a comparison of marketing for ED drugs in the US and in Saudi Arabia.

Good Vibrations House Calls: He Doesn’t Cum – Some suggestions for addressing difficulty orgasming in men, should you choose to address it at all.

THERE IS MORE but this is all I have to offer for now. We’ll catch up next time.



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  2. Good luck with your life chaos. I really hope things work out well for you!

    *Offers K internet brownies.*

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