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Dear internet, what a week. It’s starting to get super-busy at work, which is normal, and good. But I’ve got my work cut out for me for the next few days. Looks like I’ll be earning some overtime pay this summer. And I’ve been having the most irresistible craving to play Super Mario RPG… I’m reluctant to start a new game because of that one part where you have to scale a cliff face by jumping from flying turtle to flying turtle. Remember that part? Wasn’t that the worst part in the game? Oh that’ll be fun on a keyboard. Loads of fun… it’ll take me like a week to get past that one part.

I hope you have enjoyed the last few weeks of BDSM-themed posts on this blog. It is a topic I would like to explore and practice in the future. But if you did not enjoy it, don’t give up – we shall return to our regularly scheduled academic/critical analysis posts shortly. Since my computer access is going to be iffy for a little while, if you have a guest post ready to go, now would be a good time to submit so I don’t have to worry about skipping a week.

Oh yeah, about that… For the next week or two I will have only sporadic access to a computer and the internet. I’ll have periodic access to a computer and my mobile device, but I’ll probably be having too much fun doing other things to spend much time using either 🙂 That means that posts may be late or absent until I get back to my regular work station. On the other hand I already wrote up two posts that are almost ready to go live anyway, so I may be able to stick to the new content schedule after all. If you’ve been following the Twitter account, you may already be aware that I plan on talking about statistics and journal articles next. But I’m probably going to have to skip the blog link roundup for awhile until I can catch up from lack of access to my favorite work station.
Luckily where I’ll be and who I’ll be with means that when I return to our regularly scheduled vagina blogging, I’ll probably have lots of new & interesting experiences to blog about. The new content practically writes itself!

Don’t forget, I’m also on Twitter now. Anybody want to follow me? I follow people. Sometimes I post idle thoughts & sometimes I post what I’m working on as sneak peaks.

Did you all get to see the semi-guest post with feedback from SnowDrop Explodes this week? He followed up with a similar post at his own blog this week.

Friendly reminder: I am looking for Guest Posters. I want to hear more perspectives on the themes dealt with here at Feminists with Female Sexual Dysfunction. Because I am dealing with such a sensitive topic, I don’t think I can actively recruit new posters, since if I went onto someone else’s blog and said something like, “Hey u wanna write a post about your sexual health and/or feminism on a public forum?!” that would probably be very invasive. For this reason, Guest Posters requesting to remain anonymous will also be taken seriously.
At this time, criteria for inclusion is, “If you think you would fit in here, you probably would.” This may be subject to change but for now we’ll try that & see how it goes.
In an attempt to preemptively fight spam and rude comments, this blog’s email is private. Please leave a comment on this post if you want to write something. I’ll screen comments so you can remain anonymous if you want. That way I’ll have your email and we can collaborate.
Have something you’ve been working on? Send it my way.
Comments made by new e-mail addresses here are auto-screened before going live, so if you want to stay anon use an e-mail address that you haven’t used here before.

Now then, on with the weekly blog link roundup. Posts I found interesting for one reason or another over the last week. Share links if’n you got’em.

So now there’s a petition to block FDA approval of the drug Flibanserin… that’s the antidepressant turned potential libido booster. It works differently from Viagra, but some folks still call it “Viagra for women” anyway. FDA hearings on Flibanserin are set to take place later this month, so we’re probably going to see a lot more chatter about it over the next few weeks. I cannot stop your actions, but I am not signing that petition. Nope. Can’t get on board with it. Not convinced yet. Wondering if the folks who organized the petition (The New View Campaign… Dr. Tiefer is affiliated with this group, she speaks out on behalf of it, and I already wrote a series of posts critiquing one of her books… believe it or not, it’s not perfect. Another one of her books is in my to-be-read queue but that series of posts drained almost everything I am out of me and I am not looking forward to having to do it all over again…) asked women with FSD how they feel about using medication to treat it. I’m thinkin’ that this petition is just making my own distress about having FSD even worse. Because now I have to worry about women being actively denied potential treatments for it. This is not making me calmer & more ready to explore my own sexuality without drugs. As should be clear by now, I’m already doing that. Although this drug would probably not be the most appropriate for me at this time. Honestly I still think Viagra would work better on me since so many of my problems are downstairs. But Dr. Teifer has spoken out against that too.
You know what I can’t deal with this right now. How much longer until I can be away from a computer… Moving on.

If, in fact, you did enjoy the last few weeks of BDSM-themed posts at Feminists with Female Sexual Dysfunction, you may also enjoy some kinky blog posts that coincidentally went up elsewhere. These posts may be triggering due to the subject in question. Crap that irritates me about kinky bloggers. Not necessarily all kinky bloggers. I don’t think I’m reading these irritating kinky blogs. There was a response to that particular post at SM-Feminist, Irritating Crap! 😉 Two via HaT, The Nature of Consent, Part One: SSC vs. RACK (SSC = “safe, sane, consensual” model of BDSM; RACK = “risk aware consensual kink.”) The Nature of Consent, Part Two: The Importance of Safe Signals – safe signals going beyond safe words because they allow for non-verbal communication. And if, in fact, you did not enjoy those posts, then read on for some posts not about BDSM. (It just kind of worked out that way this roundup.)

Our Porn, Our Selves and the sex-positive, pro-porn campaign – [NSFW] A response to anti-pornography activist groups.
But what’s this?! A challenger appears! Here’s a critique of Our Porn, Our Selves – and from an unexpected angle! This isn’t coming from the anti-porn side at all, it’s same-side examination. So here’s a critique of Our Porn, Our Selves from the Blog of Pro-Porn Activism. Still NSFW though. “Our Porn, Our Selves”: The Beginning Of The Pro-Porn Pushback To “Stop Porn Culture”…Or Is It??

Tips for Men Who Want to be Allies to Women – Short & sweet, delivers what it promises.
Possibly related:  Defensiveness as a Signpost of Privilege – Same as above. Think about it.

Injuries to mobility-impaired kids: researchers suggest “consider avoiding stairs” – Thus missing the point of improving accessibility.
Also posted at FWD: Military Docs Treat Pain in New Ways and Shame in All the Old Ways – About chronic pain in the military, and how the military responds to servicepersons who have it.

Edit 6/6/10 – I don’t want to forget about this and I probably won’t be around next weekend to include it then, so, also, First Edition is here! – First edition of the Carnival of Kinky Feminists. With lots of kinky posts around the topic of “Introductions!”

Sarah Palin is a feminist, actually – because she works against women. – What this means is that, Sarah Palin is upholding the time honored tradition, which is better described as a long-term problem in feminism, of relatively privileged feminists marginalizing and steamrollering over vulnerable, oppressed groups. One of the reasons that some people & bloggers who express pro-feminist sentiment do not actively identify as such.

Anti-Choice Ultrasound Laws Don’t Change Abortion Rates, But Continue Getting Tougher – Some patients chose to view the ultrasounds even when not required by law, but doing so does not frequently change minds. Sometimes the ultrasounds backfire because it assures the patient that the fetus has not yet developed recognizable features.

Welcome! To the Menaissance Festival! – Some kind of reniassance faire if it were done by dudebro culture. Funny to me because I know a guy who actually performed one of these events (The “I can totally jump off this roof!” event. It did not end well.
I also enjoyed, SEXIST BEATDOWN: The Retrosexual Trend-Piece Writing Code Edition – because it talks about gender role policing & backlash.

Rape Victims Tell of Mistreatment by the NYPD – [Trigger warning] Police officers mistreating and asking the wrong questions when interviewing rape victims, and not going far enough to address shortcomings. Sometimes rape victims do not go to the authorities or press charges and if you ask why that is, this post might answer your question. This really happens.

International Whore’s Day 2010 – Also called International Sex Worker Day. Hexy’s post talks about the history behind the origins of this day.

friday nibbles – [NSFW] I just thought there was a bunch of interesting links in this post this week. Some of it has been addressed previously elsewhere.

The Lady Is a Tramp: What isn’t feminism saying about masturbation? – Kind of a neat post at Bitch, via Feministing. Includes lots of quotes and tweets from feminists on masturbation.

I’m sure there’s more…

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