Vulvodynia to be on TV January 11, 2010

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Edit 1/13/10 – Okay nevermind; Dr. Oz’s website posted the video segment in question, This is what you’re looking for!

Edit 1/12/10 – Okay people if you’re still arriving here from using search engines, the follow up is over here – The post Dr. Oz vulvodynia discussion – I do not DO have a video link for you at this time because I haven’t been able to find one online; I have also written a summary & analysis of the episode if you’re interested. Thank you.

ATTENTION EVERYONE: There will be a TV segment which will feature vulvodynia, coming up very soon – like in a matter of days. (I wonder if this is what the recruitment announcement a few weeks ago was related to?) Via

Monday’s Dr. Oz Show Features Vulvodynia Segment

Be sure to tune into The Dr. Oz Show on Monday, January 11th, when Dr. Oz will discuss the diagnosis and treatment of vulvodynia with Jennifer Ashton, MD, a New Jersey-based obstetrician-gynecologist and CBS News medical correspondent. The segment also features interviews with Lisa and Debbie, two vulvodynia sufferers, as well as with Christin Veasley, NVA’s associate executive director, and her husband Melvin.

Visit these sites to check your local listings:

After the broadcast, please take a few minutes to visit the show’s web site and send a brief e-mail to Dr. Oz and the show’s producers.  Let them know that you appreciate their coverage of this important women’s pain condition and that you’d like to see it covered again in the future.  You may do so here:

Personally I prefer the layout of Zap2It for tv listings.

Let’s hope that, among other things, they actually use the word, “Vulvodynia” in this program! Last time a major US program ran a segment on vulvodynia, the word was not even spoken aloud, although that was the subject matter.

If Dr. Oz does not addresss some of the coverage shortcomings from the last program, the e-mail the show producers receive from me will likely contain some constructive criticism.


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  1. I won’t be home to see it, and we’re in the dark ages here with no TiVo or DVR etc. Let me know how it is if you watch it.

    • And here I was thinking I was the last dinosaur on earth. No DVR or TiVo either.
      …But I do have a VCR! Ha! Don’t knock it! That VCR should record just fine.
      So I’ll tape it if I have to, and if the show producers are anything like ABC, maybe they’ll release the segment for online viewing.

  2. […] with Female Sexual Dysfunction has info on an upcoming segment on vulvodynia on the Dr. Oz show. [I've never seen the show so I can't speak for how well it covers health, […]

  3. Okay, people, if you’re coming here from search engines, the follow up is over on this side: The post Dr. Oz vulvodynia discussion

  4. I am an Rn in Ontario canada .As you disgussed vulvodynia I literally started crying with tears of emotion as I thought you were talking to me directly. I have juast seen the doctor at least the 7th or 8th time with the exact symptons. I have been placed on premarin vaginal cream again .A year ago it had some success.I still think both my GP and my OB/GYN doctors think I am imagining this pain as nothing is concrete.I am excited that this life shattering condition is being validated. I will be calling my doctors hoping that they will also see that I am a POSTER WOMEN for this diagnosis , thank you so much Wendy Brown

    • Whilst you have my sincere sympathy would you please go back to your doctor and request a synthetic alternative to Premarin.

      The suffering of PMU mares is terrible especially when there is an alternative. Please google and see for yourself.

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