Chaser Image – Candy that sort of looks like a vulva

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Let’s lighten the mood a bit – I found these pieces of candy that sort of look like vulvas. Or maybe I’m just projecting my own thoughts onto them. I’m not censoring the images because these were sold as-is in little see-through boxes at a candy store, so if it’s good enough for the candy shop it’s good enough for me.

These are maple syrup candies, so they’re basically pure sugar. If you’re on any kind of restrictive diet (low-oxlate, anti-yeast, etc.) these probably won’t fit in. The lighter and less detailed of the two pieces is blended with cane sugar. The darker & more frilly piece is pure maple sugar. They both taste sweet and have a texture like dissolving sand.

And here they are together.

Am I seeing something that isn’t there? I was about to eat these two and went, “Waaait a minute… what am I looking at here?” The other pieces of candy looked like snowflakes and random yet symmetrical designs.


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  1. Awww, they sorta look like Christmas tree ornaments! Or maybe I’m just thinking that because we just hauled home a naked tree?

    That would mean, I suppose, that some Christmas ornaments look like vulvae.

    Also: if they’re pure sugar, they’re staying above the waist!!! I saw a post the other day (at Sociological Images, I think) on mints for the vagina. Which were, simply, regular old mints … marketed for vaginal insertion. Yeeeeeiiiiikes.

    • I would love to have a vulva-shaped christmas ornament. With a little indentation & fuzzy feathers on top & LOTS OF GLITTER.
      I bet I can find one on etsy or something :3

  2. You’re not the only one seeing it. lol.

  3. Oh lol. The second one!! XDD

    ps. Thanks Sungold, now I’m imagining a vulva nomming on mints like a little animated mouth between your legs, saying “ooh thanks, I will have a mint!” and taking it from your hand and … oh god, this is why I don’t need to take drugs …

  4. HAHA, it’s not just you!

    I went looking for a picture of these exact candies to show a friend how… ‘odd’ they looked, and I came across this link, which ironically pointed out exactly what I was trying to prove. xD

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