Vulvodynia to be on TV again, interviewees wanted

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Found via Vulvar Vestibulitis Support Network and His and Her Health Forums:

Producers at a national television show are looking to interview married women who’ve been diagnosed with vulvodynia in the last six months. They’d also like to hear from single or married women who experience chronic painful sex but haven’t been diagnosed. If you fit these criteria and are willing to share your story on national television, as soon as possible, please send an e-mail to with the following information:

– Name

– Age

– Are you married or single?

– If you’re married or in a relationship, is your partner willing to be interviewed? – What symptoms do you experience? When did they start?

– If applicable, what condition have you been diagnosed with? When did you receive a diagnosis? How many health care providers did you visit before being diagnosed?

– Have any treatments helped you? Is your vulvodynia better or worse? – How does vulvodynia or painful sex affect your life?

– How has the condition affected your sex life, marriage or relationships?

– Daytime phone number and e-mail address

– Current photo (please attach)

– Statement that you give NVA permission to forward your story and contact information to the show’s producers. Please try to limit your summary to 1-2 paragraphs.

No yet word on which television show is producing this episode, when we can expect it to be aired, or how it is going to be handled.

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  1. […] vulvodynia, coming up very soon – like in a matter of days. (I wonder if this is what the recruitment announcement a few weeks ago was related to?) Via Monday’s Dr. Oz Show Features Vulvodynia […]

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