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Dear Internet, Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat and whatnot. Uh oh, you’ve stumbled across the blog/house that gives out Fruits & Vegetables! Augh! It’s a trap!

Another busy week for me. We shall return to our regularly scheduled Vagina Blogging shortly; I’ve been quite busy for the last week with work & plans for some much-needed downtime. So it looks as if I had nothing of value to contribute to the blogosphere, except that I really did & just didn’t get around to finishing my post.

Posting will likely remain sporadic for the next two weeks.

Also I wish to place a reminder here: I am looking for Guest Posters. I want to hear more perspectives on the themes dealt with here at Feminists with FSD. I’m not sure what the best way to recruit new authors is though, since I’m dealing with a very sensitive topic. I don’t want to go to someone’s blog and be like, “Hey u wanna write a post about your sex life and/or feminism on a public forum?!” and offend the blogger by being invasive & making assumptions about their sex life. So for now I think it’s best if I leave this request up here and repeat it with the Weekly Blog Link Roundup. I don’t even know what the criteria for recruitment should be, so, for now we’ll go with, “If you think you would fit in here, you probably would.”
In an attempt to preemptively fight spam and rude comments, I still haven’t posted my blog email. Please leave a comment on this post if you want to write something. I’ll screen comments so you can remain anonymous if you want. That way I’ll have your email and we can collaborate. Please be careful when leaving comments on this post if you wish to remain anonymous though; if you’ve left a comment here previously, it will auto-go-through (It’s just a setting of WordPress.) Use a different e-mail address and your comment will remain screened so no one will know you left one except for me. Of course if you’re just using your internet identity anyway and aren’t too worried about being anon then just use the e-mail you used before and I’ll know it’s you. If you left a comment here before I mean.
Having Guest Posters help me out around the blog would also make it much easier to crank out new content in situations like this when I’m too busy with off-internet events.

Since I was so busy, I didn’t get around to doing a weekly blog link roundup last week! We’ll just have to make up for that now.

On with the show! Posts I found interesting over the last two weeks (10/18-10/31.) If’n you found links of interest during that time and want to share ’em, post ’em in comments.

The Demise of Off Our Backs – I’ve been waiting 2 weeks to post this link. It’s a must-read, although it may look somewhat intimidating at first. I read every single word of it and it’s very revealing. Daisy provided her own experiences with OOB, and credit where credit is due, incorporated posts by Celie’s Revenge and from redmegaera. Why isn’t this in OOB’s history page on their website? Ouch.

Notes from a bitch…reading is fundamental… – Interesting to me because I have absolutely zero interest in Where the Wild Things Are, and although I know I definitely read it as a kid, I don’t remember being thrilled with it. It has no meaning to me.

Today in Healthcare – According to one poll, a majority of ordinary folks like you & I now support a public option in health care reform. Possibly related – Not a “Golden Rule Insurance” Policy: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You – what the… sterilize after a C-section and the insurance company *might* consider coveing you? What is this?? People this is why there’s a drive for reform. Also possibly related: It’s time to put the insurance companies out of their misery – a case where a graphic is worth 1000 words. More: I Am Not A Pre-Existing Condition – how insurance company policies penalize women for, basically being women & experiencing things that women experience more than men. More followup: House bill released – huh the bill may actually include a public option after all!

The Abuse of the Western Children of Misogynist Attention-Seekers – This goes beyond doin’ it for the show… those poor kids are caught in the middle of manipulation & allegations of domestic violence, & they are being raised to parrot these values. Possibly related: An Unusual Case of Father-Blaming – huh you know what I didn’t think about it before, but now that you mention it, yeah a lot of the time the media focuses more on the mother’s actions… I mean there IS a whole blog dedicated to exposing the media’s fascination with mothering and blaming moms for horrible things.

The Pain of House – I admit it, I watch this show regularly. Ouyang Dan’s critique is different from what I’m more used to seeing with regards to the show though, since she’s not demonizing House’s vicodin use. It’s a good kind of different. And check out the comments too – turns out that Hugh Laurie may’ve been hurting himself IRL from mis-using House’s cane.

Samples – Another different POV on the use of medicine samples often available from the doctor’s offices. Now, yes, this really does to be looked at critically, in, is it really a good idea to have these meds out for just about anyone, the idea being that the patient will like their sample and take up using a certain medication long term & have to pay for it… but sometimes the samples make sense if only to screen out meds that probably wouldn’t work.

The Negative Side of Positive Thinking – I’ve said it in the blog link roundups before, and I’ll say it again: I really, really do not like the whole power of positive thinking movement. Nope, do not like it, do not want. Find it counter-productive. Find it insulting to those who do not think positively all the time. Think it’s too easy to abuse. Feel like I’ve made pretty good progress health-wise with my own method of thinking & doing, which is generally not all sunshine & flowers, even as I know I will probably never be 100%. If you those statements of mine to be negative and perpetuating some kind of self-defeating cycle, maybe you should click through & read Annaham’s post & think about the other side instead. Possibly related: CFS/ME and “faulty illness beliefs”: The incredible hubris of the psychiatro-patriarchal complex – an exploration of doctors (in this case a psychiatrist) upholding a mind-body connection which in turn sounds a lot like victim-blaming when it comes to chronic illness. Huh, a mind-body connection complex… Where’ve I heard that one before… There’s something rather familiar about this mind-body thing I just, I can’t, quite put my finger on where I’ve seen this sort of thing put forth by so-called experts before… something that pertains to me… Hmmmmmm.

How to Take Your First Step into BDSM – This lesson seems kind of short, I think it was truncated for use on the internet… but I could definitely use an instruction manual for how to do just that.

I Get Letters – the bullshit Melissa has to put up with when trying to maintain safe space for less privileged posters. This could happen (and does happen) in a lot of other places across the intertubes.

Sexist Beatdown: Superfreak Edition – You know, I actually read the first Freakonomics book a few years ago. I can remember some parts better than others… it was okay… overrated… Well the authors are coming out with a sequel, and it’s making some very controversial statements again. Controversial, and probably outright wrong. Tiger Beatdown is one of the blogs looking at the author’s assertions about sex workers in particular. There was an episode of 20/20 or Dateline on about this book a week or so ago too so you might’ve caught that. I saw it, and all I could think of were the feminist critiques of the book so I was like  “Uhhhh….”

Word to the wise: Never date a guy who reads Details – god I am so sick of seeing this argument – the one about the woman who deliberately tricks her male partner into getting her pregnant and then has the baby to get the BIG BOYFRIEND $$$$. I’ve seen this on other forums & online especially and whenever I pin the poster down about providing examples, it’s always ‘Well a friend of a friend of mine said…” or “I heard that…” Yeah you heard wrong. And then the poster I confonted is all resentful and … this weird, unbalanced state of, being pro-life hardcore except for when the girlfriend “Tricks” the boyfriend into “Getting her pregnant.” Then the poster is no longer pro-choice at all but wants the boyfriend to “Have some say” in determining what happens to the pregnancy.

the vampire Fleshlight (vagina dentata fleshlighta) – Okay this whole Twlight thing has to stop now; they are now making Vampire themed Fleshlights (If you don’t know what that is, maybe you don’t want to click on the NSFW link.) Unfortunately this is not an example of “Vagina dentata” at all and I’d… Somewhat morbidly curious to see how that would look & work out as a fleshlight. Not curious enough to actually know though.

Sorry, radfems, it really isn’t… – for some reason, Renee at Womanist Musings let a guest post go through titled, Sorry, Men and Fun-Fems: All Porn Is Rape, All the Time (Or, If You Are Watching Porn, You Are Watching Rape). Once again those who sit on the other side of the fence (including sex workers themselves, oftentimes,) have to come out and point out that no it doesn’t really work that way and there are some big problems with making all-encompassing statements like that. Snowdrop Explodes isn’t the only one pointing out the flaws in the argument; Renegade Evolution is on the scene for the millionth time (It must get tiring to have to defend yourself all the time! I know I sure get exhausted trying to defend the reality of FSD when I hear the same bullshit about it over and over again!); Renee herself had to leave an editor’s note explaining that she disagrees with her guest poster (but let the post through in the interest of generating discussion…) Click on the WM link & read through the comments to hear the other side. Unless you’re on FactCheckMe’s side in which case perhaps you’ll find her post useful later on down the road for defending your own position.

Where Did Those Gang Rapists And Their Cheering Section Get Their Ideas? – (Trigger warning re: sexual assault!) This is an in-depth look at some of the details that are coming out about the case of a 15-year old girl gang raped outside of her own high school’s homecoming.

There’s definitely more posts than what I’ve included here for the roundup, but, as I said I was super busy all week so I probably missed a lot of good ones. And I may miss more over the next few days! If you want to be included you’ll need to speak up here.


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  1. Re: All Porn Is Rape, All the Time.

    The question I always have is what about the self-produced stuff? I mean, there are plenty of ‘woman alone with some sex toys and a webcam’ sites out there, so if that’s rape, then who’s the rapist? The viewers? Her? Can you rape yourself?


  2. Thanks so much for the link. I was so worried I had blathered too much, but it’s an OLD publication and goes back a long way! (And then I tried so HARD not to digress, which is why God invented footnotes.)

    Thanks again.

  3. Hey, thanks for the link. I am really glad you enjoyed my perspective on the way Dr. House is written.

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