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Dear internet, I don’t even know how I got here. I think that there was something about me working my day job, then coming home to family drama and getting recruited for other people’s tasks without getting any support myself. I got nothin’ over here. Yeah hey like anyone cares (boo hoo, self pity party. Would I like some cheese with my whine. …Does the cheese have any probiotics in it?)

Anyway, at least I actually like writing the weekly blog link roundup, which consists of posts I found of particular interest over the last week. If’n  you found links of interest, post’em in comments.

Starting with grouped topics again:

Why Inclusionary Language Matters – This is a very good post from FWD/Forward, & I would encourage you to read it. It talks about feminism, inclusionary (and exclusionary) language, and how such language (and the people who use it) play into intersectionality. This is a concept where you have to remember, if feminism is about women, that means ALL women – including the non-heterosexuals, non-cis women, women of color, those who have disabilities, and it goes on. For one thing, this addresses shortcomings in the the far-and-wide feminist community (If there even is such a thing, since, there’s no central clubhouse we all go to once a month for cookies & girl talk.) The things you say may seem light & harmless, but they can be really hurtful to someone to whom such language is meant as an insult. You may be trying to reclaim the word after years of bad history with it, but some words are very badly tainted.
Related: This FWD/Forward post is also interesting to me: Who hates to hear they look great? – Because I’ve heard stories from other women with pelvic pain & overlapping conditions who talk about this sort of situation… living with invisible, chronic conditions.

Exclusively breastfed baby denied insurance unless he goes on a diet – This makes no sense. I thought breast feeding babies is good for them? I thought big healthy babies were – healthy? What? How do you put a baby on a diet? Why would you insist on making parents do that?
Related in the health care field: Action Item – hey I wonder what it would be like if that big baby had been female, seeing as how insurance companies in the US penalize women for so much.
Related: No One Could Have Predicted the Insurance Companies Would Be Uncooperative – Insurance companies are influencing Congress about health care reform, trying to derail it, in this case, in this case by releasing a PriceWaterhouseCoopers report that suggests your premiums might be high in several years. Curious to know if that’s right? Go here & click around. Seriously just click around; there’s analysis available on the pros & cons of the report.
Related as a health care post: “The Voice of the New Castrati” – What the hell is this??? “Castrati?” Oh, it’s Limbaugh talking again.
Related: Health care IS an anti-racist issue. – nojojojo talks about being underinsured & needing to get preventative care for a health condition which effects , which insurance companies don’t want to pay for even though she HAS insurance. But she hasn’t been on insurance long enough for it to be covered. Not only that, but as a WOC, she is acutely aware of how insurnace premiums & practices done by doctors have disproportiatenly effected POC.

You may’ve heard by now that a justice of the peace in Louisiana denied an interracial couple a marriage license. As someone in an interracial relationship, this both terrifies and infuriates me. What is this, the middle ages? Looks Like the 50’s Are Back from Shakesville. Thinking of the children in our “post racial” America from Harpyness.

And then posts that aren’t necessarily related (OR ARE THEY???)

Moral Panics, Sex Panics: Fear and the Fight over Sexual Rights – This is an interesting post to me because I just bought a book that sounds remarkably similar – Sex in Crisis. They sound very much alike. I only read the first two chapters of Sex in Crisis so far, and I am ~*~in love~*~ with those two chapters (even though when the author talks about FSD, she still only refers to low libido/arousal, to the exclusion of the pain category… and does that thing I don’t like where Big Pharma is the devil or something.) I’d like to do a book review when I’m finished reading.
Want to read those first two chapters of Sex in Crisis & see if you’ll like it too? Click here!

On the Air – Interesting because holy shit, my mobile device gets Podcasts live? Hahaha this is awesome. I listened to the hour long live segment of this show.

To Merge Or Not To Merge – Some things to consider when paying bills with your significant other.

Dear Wellness Center Nurse – This is interesting to me because, in my experience, the words that probably are assuring & comforting to many women getting a gynecologist exam, “This looks perfectly normal,” to me that says… No, no, that’s bad, how can you say that?! How are you not seeing all this pain I’m in?!? How is there no visible, noticable physical cause?! How are you not seeing the redness? You’re not paying attention, you’re not looking, how are you not seeing what’s going on, is it like this for every other woman does every woman feel this is this really normal? And then someone is going to jam a speculuum in there and say “This isn’t hurting you!” while I’m laying there crying & trying to recoil on the examining table which is just going to make the doctor think that it’s all in my head for the millionth time. No. My experience with that phrase is the exact opposite. I do have to worry about what other people think of the external looks because if they don’t see what’s going on they probably aren’t going to take me seriously when I come in complaining of vulvovaginal pain.

Whatever Happened to Tiger Beatdown? – Aw, that’s a shame, I like Tiger Beatdown… Well I made it past my blog’s one year anniversary and I’m still here but that could be me one day…

Guest Post: No to Eggsploitation! – Wow you know what, now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of the long-term side effects of egg donation.

Attorney Uses “Boys Will Be Boys” Defense in Alleged Sexual Assault – [Trigger warning re: sexual assault] – A male college student broke into multiple female dorm rooms and sexually assaulted the students. But this is being downplayed as sexual assault; it’s been called a “’typical freshman’” mistake.” How is that typical?? Cara talks about how this attitude, which often starts out early, is pervasive, and carries into adulthood, hurts women, as in this case.

I’m sure there’s more…

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