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Dear internet, I could really use a vacation.

It’s that time again – time to share links that I found particularly interesting over the last week. Post your own links if’n you got ’em.

Couple new websites sprang up sometime in the last few weeks that deserve attention in general:

My OB said WHAT?!? – the horrifying things that obstetricians have said to patients around childbirth. I wonder if there is a pelvic pain patient version.

I Blame The Mother – explores instances of the media blaming moms for crimes that happen to their kids or that are committed by their own offspring. Wow it really puts things into perspective when it’s all in one place like that.

FWD (feminists with disabilities) for a way forward – a group undertaking to bring attention to the marginalized group of people with disabilities (PWD.) I especially enjoyed this post, Where I jump in and defend pills… If you’re new to disability blogging, you might want to start here: Disability 101: Defining Disability, but please remember to take some time to educate yourself.

Couple more topics I’m going to group:

In the realm of politics, we have several notable posts: The Answer to Your Question is “No.” – The question being, whether women should back Sarah Palin if she runs for president in 2012. The Feminste post is relatively short so if you’re not convinced, you’d probably have to hang out around the blogosphere for awhile longer, and that’s kind of a drawback to the post… but having done just that, I agree with the answer.
Related, we then have Her Place – click through to go to the article, Congressional GOP Fundraising Committee On Pelosi: It’s Time To ‘Put Her In Her Place’ – I mean really now wtf is this? What the hell, congress isn’t Pelosi’s place? Did someone actually say that? Someone actually said that.
The next three links may be triggering: Go, Senator Franken! Al Franken led the charge to change the rules that forced employees to sign arbitration contracts that applied to, among other things, sexual assault on the job. Who would actually vote against such a bill? Feministe’s got their names.
Clinton: Guinea’s Military Leaders Should Step Down – At a protest, Guinean soldiers targeted women in particular with acts of violence & sexual assault. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is calling out the Guinean government to be held accountable.

It sounds like Amber Rhea is familiar with the health insurance bullshit I blogged about earlier this week: Health and meds rambling – what with the, some doctors not taking insurance so you have to do-it-yourself and,

fax it five times before you get any response, and then six months later you get a check for $15 after you’ve spent $1,000. She said, “Doctors’ offices have to do that, too” and I said, “I know, but that’s not my job!” Then she said she understood why a lot of therapists in private practice don’t take insurance, because they wouldn’t be able to make a living w/ the insurance rates. HELLO! Yet another way our current system is totally fucked-up! The doctors hate it too, people!

Amber has more insight into pharmaceutical treatments for mental illness besides that tidbit.
Jeanne wrote a post at Chronic Healing about Hurting and Healthcare. Oo, she beat me to the punch by a day. Not that it’s a race to get your thoughts out on healthcare… we have another experienced voice to add to the mix.
Your TV is Lying to You – The post starts out with a look at that season premiere of House and then segues into a discussion about healthcare & how expensive it is and now House does not exist in real life to bail you out of mortal danger when you get sick in real life.
All Denials of Coverage For Pre-Existing Conditions Deserve Equal Outrage – Springs forth from news that insurance companies in some states deny coverage to clients, citing domestic violence as a “Pre-existing condition.” What about all the other pre-existing conditions?
And then there’s The Opt-Out Public Option; and, also, tax breaks for hiring – another iteration of the public option that would allow states to decide whether or not to join in. Oo, I really don’t know about that – I’m thinking of gay marriage here & how it’s all splintered up across states now… that didn’t work out so well for gay marriage…

If it looks like the Letterman sex scandal is generating less outrage than the Polanski rape scandal, it probably is for various reasons. Sorry, you can’t bully me into joining up with this insanity – It’s still problematic though.
Sungold @ Kittywampus has two posts on the Letterman issue: Letterman’s Disingenuous Confession and the critical More on Letterman: Workplace Romances and Horndog Bosses.

Oklahoma Law Poses Serious Privacy Threat to Women Obtaining Abortions – How would this even be legal under HIPPA laws??? I’m not questioning the existence of the law in question, which looks more like a thinly-veiled attempt to shame women into giving birth against their will, especially those women who are living in relatively isolated areas where enough supposedly non-identifying information will make easy to identify just who is doing what.
Figleaf has a post as well, jumping off from Echidne’s question of why this law doesn’t target the males involved in bringing forth such pregnancy & abortion. The… What? Oklahoma’s Parthenogenisis Prevention Policy? What About Teh (Existence of) Men?

The following links may be triggering: Reported rapes hit a 20-year low – Key word here, “Reported.” That the rate of reported rapes is dropping, does not mean it is safe to stop trying to prevent rape & provide support to victims. Keep in mind how many don’t get reported. From Shakesville, Rape Reports Hit Two-Decade Low – shows some reasons why there’s still a lot of work left to do…
Need help understanding what some of that work is? Click on this must-read from Melissa – Rape Culture 101

And then we have general interesting posts that are not necessarily related to one another in any way, shape or form.

Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy: Sex & Consent Edition – Audacia Ray hosts a blog link roundup carnival.

“Onyxia” is WorldofWarcraftese for “Guild Wipe*” – I never got into MMORPGs myself, although I’ve always loved solo RPG’s. But I am familiar with this phenomenon – misinterpreting the gender of NPCs (and player characters, for that matter.) Some people still think the dragon Onyxia is a male but she’s always been female. I’ve seen this happen before with other characters, notably Tiamat from Final Fantasy – I seem to recall reading GameFAQs and other websites that still refer to her with male pronouns – even though the historical mythological character she’s based off of is a mother.

Women like politeness, being treated like humans: news at 11 – Who would have ever thought that women using personals sites would respond positively to what should be common sense manners & consideration? This is an area where the pictures are worth 1000 words, thanks to the charts & graphs included.

The Female Condom 2: Cheaper, Thinner, and a Lot Less Squeaky – with my favored Durex Avanti original condoms getting phased out in favor of a “Better” (not really) material, I am forced to look for alternative barrier methods of contraception. I really liked the polyurethane condoms :/ I might have to try these…

‘Off Our Backs:’ white supremacist feminism – I have problems with OOB for different reasons, aladydivine exposes problems with OOB’s flagrant white privilege.

The Argument for Realism and Dangers of “Positive Thinking” – Yeah I admit it, I really hate the pushy positive-think-your-way-out-of-any-problem philosophy. It is so refreshing to see a healthy dose of reality injected into the discussion.

Why women have sex. – Holly takes a comprehensive look at an evolutionary psychologist’s reasons cited.

Whew, what a roundup. I’m sure there’s more…


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  1. Thanks for the linky love, K! You do a great roundup. It’s an honor to be included.

    • You’re welcome.

      My link round ups don’t seem to generate many click-throughs though… :/ Well I try.

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