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Dear internet, I’m glad it’s the weekend.

Posts I found interesting over the last few days. Share links if’n you got’em.

I’d like to start off this week with pelvic health-related news.

(Title unknown) – Please help Quinn & people just like her keep access to their pain medications.

new boyfriend – Servicing the Chassis has discovered a style of pants which does not aggrivate her pelvic pain. I am going to go to The Gap at the next available opportunity & test these pants out. You write that letter, then!

Sex Therapist or Urologist: Which One, When? – okay actually this one sounds more like it’s about penises instead of vaginas & vulvas, buuut, in principle good advice. Every once in awhile there actually is something physical going on with sexual health. And maybe a major problem maybe *shouldn’t* be attributed to, one partner needs to take out the garbage or it’s all in your head or big pharma is trying to invent something to make money off of, stay far away from the doctor’s office. Maybe sometimes it’s real. And, if that’s the case, “There’s no point in engaging in ‘talk therapy’ if the problem is your health.” I should not feel so grateful to see someone actually say this.
Possibly related – When Did Sex Become a Medical Problem?
Um, quite possibly about 2,000 years ago? Or in the 1800s when vestibulitis was described? Or when I started feeling some majorly wrong vulvovaginal symptoms that could not be attributed to a low sex drive? (That’s incidental for me.) It’s not that new. Seriously why is this so hard to understand? I left a comment one this entry to that effect. Why is there no magic blue, pink, orange, whatever the hell color, pill for vulvodynia?

We’re *THIS* Many! – VaginaPagina on LiveJournal turned 8 years old. And 27,000+ members.

And then we have the news which is not necessarily related to pelvic pain.

The Handjob Controversey Continues… – The Evil Slut Clique put up a response to my response to their post about handjobs. I know you wouldn’t think a handjob is anything to get all uppity about right? I’m thinking about their response & hopefully they’re thinking about mine.

My outfit does not consent on my behalf – VaginaDentata started off thinking about the horribly sexist “Booth Babes” at the most recent E3 video game conference, and wound up thinking about BDSM. And really *thought* about it.

Monday Media Watch: Oh NYT, You’ve Done It Again – C. L. Minou looks at how New York Times writer Peggy Orenstein wrote an article that made it sound like the whole Caster Semenya debacle be all about herself. And also she made some priviliaged statements while she was doing that.

This is what an activist looks like – Chally talks about the different forms activism can take, including blogging & writing. Possibly related, New feature: How to organise a demonstration – just in case you do want to go that route, useful tips.

Why I Hate Filling Out Forms (repost) – Queen Emily wrote this piece mostly with cissexual, cisgendered people in mind, so if you are non-trans, it’s worth reading. For Queen Emily, it has been hard & dangerous to seek medical care and travel in a world for which sex & gender are scrutinized & checked.

“How Can Feminist Mums Avoid Being Humourless Childhood-Ruiners?” – it’s really not that hard of a question to answer, and Laurdhel & commentsr answer it succintly.

Domestic violence as a “preexisting condition” – this is a real and completely horrible thing.
Unfortunately related, Credit crunch exploited by abusive partners.
Somewhat related since it’s about health care & coverage, M&M – an illustration of what happens when money (or lack thereof) gets in the way of proper care for patients. It’s grim.

New political cartoon: Bitch If You Do, Broke If You Don’t – I love political cartoons :3 The only thing i have to say to to this one is, “WORD.”

Sunday Comics – I’m also fond of webcomics, including the *NSFW* sexualized ones… to the point where I’m seriously considering paying for a subscription to one adult comic site. I know they have some problems but I just, I like comics. I often forgive the animations & drawings. Is it bad that I already knew about all these before Violet Blue posted about them? I don’t think it’s bad. Violet Blue throws some love out there for Oglaf & Doctor Voluptua, which are high up there on my own list.

Sexual Assault Prevention Tips Guaranteed To Work! – ALL TRUE

Where does the word misogyny come from? – it’s actually a very old word.

Securing your WordPress blogs – Technical information for those who use WordPress to host their blogs.

Can I live, Gerson?: In defense of cohabitating – yeah I’m getting pretty tired of the whole “Cohabiting is destroying the moral fabric of the US nation” all the time.

BOBBY!!! – a vingette about neighbors. That’s all; no deeper message.

Actual Headline – Melisssa picks apart the claim that racism has lost all meaning. It hasn’t.

Men, Women, and Cold, Dead Fish: Limits of Brain-Scan Technology for “Proving” Gender Differences – this is awesome since evolutinary psychologists sometimes use fMRI devices to prove their baised claims.

Women who make false rape accusations *don’t* make it harder on real victims. – There is a news article making the rounds about a woman who recanted a rape allegation. SarahMC at Harpyness talks about what the real problems are in rape culture.

I’m sure there’s more…



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