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Dear internet, what a week again.

A short update on my UTI – I’m still not sure if the Levaquin is working or not and I’ve been drinking quarts of water & cranberry juice for the last three days in an effort to flush this out of my system. Drinking quarts of fluids, to the point where I began to feel somewhat lightheaded last night. Oops. That could be the antibiotic causing the lightheadedness, or the water, or it could be just me – but I am going to eat some more solid food today & cut back on the fluids a bit, and hope that the urinary burning doesn’t return.

Anyway, on with the weekly blog link roundup. Posts I found interesting over the last few days. Share links if’n you got’em.

Cosmocking: October ’09! – I still love these posts by Holly. Picking apart bad advice given by Cosmopolitan magazine.

The financial sector, where women are paid less, get 80% lower bonuses and face entrenched sexist culture – This is about the massive pay gap in the financial industry in the UK, but it could certainly apply to the US as well as other countries. It’s pretty bad – the gaps are huge and start out early on, women employees still face blatant sex discrimination & harassment and long, inflexible hours.

The No-Sex Class: Reporting vs. Instructing in News About Sexuality – There is going to be a book on female sexuality published in the near future, but so far no one has gotten ahold of a copy. So in the mean time, Figleaf looks at a table of reasons men & women give for having sex – and it’s suprisingly symmetrical.

What If I’d Taken All The Bad Money Advice I’ve Been Given By Dudes? – First I should say that I just love the idea of “Feminist finance.” Second, the article itself – f.f. reminisces about bad money advice given to her by so-called “Experts.” She did the math herself, rejected their advice and came out ahead for it.
Also possibly related – The Obstacles to Work – This is a Feministe post about how hard it was to find work after grad school. Those long, inflexible work hours I mentioned from the F-Word blog… illustrated here. If you’re a working mom or caregiver, that kind of work schedule can make it too hard to find adequate, affordable care for someone who is dependent on you.

The Myth of Mind Blowing Orgasms – Betty Dodson & colleagues look at the bad advice given by Sex Advice Books. These books tempt readers with promises of incredible sex lives, but do they deliver? Well, no, not really. Sometimes the advice is good, and I have a few favorite sex books that I’d recommend. But I’m skeptical of these ones promising things like ‘Mind blowing orgasms,’ too. Dodson touches upon aging and low desire as a “Problem” or not (But she does not look at dysparunia in this post… No one ever does…) On a possibly related note, Sex on the Web – Carlin”s own Blog Link Roundup. Possibly related to the blog link roundup, Naomi Wolf to write the history of the vagina. Ehhhhh… uhhh… well at least the comments are somewhat amusing.
Also possibly related and, possibly ironic for me to be linking to it in the context of Dodson’s criticism of sex advice books, [Greta Christina] Getting in the Mood – Gretra Christina at the Blowfish Blog actually acknowledges how hard it can be to go from not having sex, to, having sex. And offers some suggestions on smoothing the transition.

Has Feminist Blogging Gone Mainstream? – Description of a NetRoots panel discussion about feminist blogging. According to the panel, it’s becoming more mainstream (and indeed it is quite useful & informative for me to read news from a feminist perspective.)

Rep. Joe Wilson yells “You Lie” at the President during address to Congress – Who is this clown? Oh… I see…
Definitely related: “What’s the matter with South Carolina?” – Daisy Deadhead answers the question.

What I Wish People Knew About Cancer – a frank & in-depth discussion of what it’s really like to live with cancer long-term. It ain’t all pink ribbons & hope.

Let Me Exploitain You! – (Trigger warning) Melissa picks apart a horrifying article by a sports writer who tried to use Jaycee Dugard’s abduction to talk about – sports articles. And how awful it must have been to, not have access to sports articles while held in captivity for 18 years. Wtf?

Alabama Supremes uphold criminalization of sex toy sales; store owner will continue to sell them – It’s legal to have sex toys in private in the state of Alabama, but it is not legal to sell them. This is… pretty horrifying, if you ask me, since, I pretty much need dildoes. Multiple ones. In various shapes & sizes. Like, dude, my vulvovaginal specialist gave me a set of glass dilators after surgery. I am one of those people who really does need it for “Bona Fide Medical Purposes,” so… like why should a store or doctor be allowed to sell dildoes to me but not anybody else? You really gona go after a store or doctor for that?

Intercourse – a book review of the infamous Dworkin book, from an asexual’s perspective.

Caster Semenya: Part 2b of the Women Athletes series – This is a detailed article outlining an update on South African athlete Caster Semenya and sex testing in general in the Olympics. It’s a really bleak situation; it looks like the media may have gotten ahold of the tests before Semenya herself, and in the wake of the controversey, she has withdrawn from sports. Definitely related – Caster Semenya Update. The thing is, those reports about Semenya – they aren’t even confirmed yet. Unfortunately, these unconfirmed reports nonetheless have forced Semenya to withdraw from a race. Is that what’s going to happen now? Pushed out?

I’m sure there’s more links & more I could say…

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  1. Hope the UTI clears up soon! They’re horrible.

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