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Labor day weekend. Weekend means it’s that time again – weekly blog roundup. Post links if you got ’em.

My Healthcare Has Already Been Rationed – For all the concern about a single-payer program potentially cutting off care to US citizens, let’s not forget that in practice, insurance already limits what kind of care you can expect to get.

I Want To Play, Too – It’s a post about women who play video games – or who would, if the industry wasn’t, still, after well over 20 years, full of problems – marketing, development, sexism built into the story… it just keeps happening.

Feminism 101: “Sexism is a Matter of Opinion” – This is a repost of a 101 concept for those less familiar with feminism and sexism. Melissa compares patriarchy to the Matrix; I’ve always thought of patriarchy more like the Nazca Desert Lines of Peru. You can’t see it when you’re on the ground, and so part of the pattern. Feminism gives me the wings I need to fly over it & see the big picture below. On a related note, Feminism 101: On Anger.

Feminist Fathering: “Cool to the Max” – I wish my dad was a feminist.

The McCafferys want others to use their story about vaccination – I would have one more aunt right now if she had not died of whooping cough as an infant.

Research On Perception Of Consent – Marcella looks at and beyond a study that examined how hierarchical world-views influenced how individuals perceive consent.

Open thread: Sex education. Why are we so afraid? – This is a post that looks at sex education outside of the US, and invites comments, with mixed results.  Also from Cycads, Book cover of the day: The Haunted Vagina by Carlton Mellick III. What? I think I might have one of those. Sometimes I think it is possessed by an angry spirit. Except not really.

FOXSexpert: 8 Sex Myths About Women – Surprisingly not terrible.

American Women Athletes Part Two: How intersex athletes are punished by the gender testing system – This is a comprehensive post with some quotes that need to be considered, as well as links to further resources.

Quick Hit: HealthBase Cures All Ills – I think this is of particular note because I notice that entries on vulvodynia & related female pelvic pain conditions are  starting to proliferate on health sites. Often those health sites just aggregate existing data from around the internet & compile it in one place. But when you do that you can wind up with results like these. It’s also a really funny post; make sure you read the comments on this one.

Your Thyroid, Your (Sex) Life, and Weight Loss – also worth considering for those dealing with sexual health problems.

I’m sure there’s more…

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