Interesting posts, weekend of 8/30

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Dear internet, what a week. We’re running a little behind schedule. So without further ado,

Posts I found particularly interesting over the last week of August. Share links if’n you got ’em.

Teaspoons 101: I Am Not the Thought Police – Try to moderate a discussion and almost inevitably someone will misinterpret your attempts to educate them.

I’m a Death Panel – what an end-of-life discussion looks like.

Once Upon a Time – Encounters with “Doug,” and why it’s so hard to deal with Dougs. Oh yes I’ve had a Doug in my life… for some reason he still won’t take the hint & still occassionally sends me messages online, which are promptly deleted without review.

Understanding “No to Yes” Rapists – (*Trigger warning*) With a lot more patience than I could ever maintain, Marcella picks apart horrifying comments left behind on her blog.

The Irony of Anti-Sex-Positive Feminist’s Arguments – for some reason the links in this post don’t work (I think you have to go to WM’s front page?) Includes a discussion of what the guest poster has seen happen in anti-sex-positive-feminist discussions re: critique vs. condemnation.

On a related note, If it’s so great we can be honest about it – I think I hate every single thing about this post.

Blogging in the closet – This could be me some day…

What I learned from 6 months of celibacy – what, Audacia Ray, author of Naked on the Internet, doesn’t have a sex partner partner? But… but…
Someone who talks about sex and thinks about it a lot and for whom sex is a large part of their life, yet she herself is currently not partnered. And still thinks about sex.
Hey, welcome to the party.
Join the club.
Listen up. Listen…
On a related note, On dry spells.

What does it mean to be female – if you’re Caster Semenya, it means enduring a bunch of scrutiny, questions and really invasive tests of questionable value. That’s not cool.

Trying anything twice – it might be worth re-thinking about something sexually that you already thought about and made a decision on, later on down the road.

The Game the Whole Family can Play! – Another bingo board to add to the collection.

Who’s the Bigger Anti-Feminist, Katie Roiphe or Her Editor at Double-X? Double X gets it wrong, again. On a related note, The Silly war on Feminism.

Let Them Have Their Great White Hope – when a picture is worth 1,000 words – but the words are definitely worth reading too.

“You don’t have to tell me about ‘the parts’… just tell me to wait” – WTF is this shit??? Wtf sex education?

Remembering Hurricane Katrina – Renee remembers four years later.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Regularly Engage in Coercive Adoption Practices – well the title kind of gives away the post on this one.

August Short Stories by Women – science fiction by women writers :3

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