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I have suddenly found myself in possession of several used Olde Timey books on human sexuality and marriage. Some of these are seriously old – the Margaret Sanger book was published in 1926 although this copy is dated 1940. The “Hygine of Marriage” book is dated 1932. There’s another dated 1957, and others from the 1980s.


The books that do not have jackets are – “BioPotency – a Guide to Sexual Success” (Looks to be something about erectile dysfunction exclusively,) “Happiness in Marriage” (by Margaret Sanger,)”The Hygiene of Marriage” (old & kind of creepy), and “Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them” (I seem to vaguely recall hearing something about this when it first came out when I was a child… something about the grown-ups were talking about it…)

Do not ask me how I came in possession of these books, as I am still somewhat distraught over the circumstances myself. I am further disturbed by who had these books, and what my relationship with this person(s) means. I am not yet ready to disclose the how and who and what it means.

Do not ask me what I intend to do with the books either since, I don’t know. I have newer books on sexuality. There’s been a lot of research and a lot of cultural shifts in ideas since those Olde Timey days. I know that the books are probably outdated, or at least, I should certainly hope so. A few of them use old, offensive terminology. In at least one of them, the word “Frigid” is still used in all seriousness, and others predate the DSM-IV revision, which removed homosexuality as a psychological disorder…

I don’t know if I’m going to read them, since I don’t even know if I’m going to be able to stomach some of them.

::Shudders:: I just read a passage on homosexuality from that “Hygiene of Marriage” book. It’s pretty disturbing. Oh my god this book was in print once. Oh my god how many people read this?

I glanced through the indexes. The Masters & Johnson book is the most “Progressive,” in the sense that, its copyright date is sometime in the 1980s, and it contains the term “Vaginismus” and “dyspareunia” (painful sex.)

The people I got these books from… Were you looking for answers just like me? You never had a computer. You wouldn’t have known what to do with one, even if you had. You couldn’t have found the answer you were looking for online, because you didn’t know where online was. Why did you have all these books? Why these titles?

An old list of doctors fell out of one of the books. Were you looking for a doctor equipped to handle sexual difficulties? You were looking for help, weren’t you, previous book owners.

This is the first time in my life I feel any sort of emotional connection to you.

Why didn’t you tell me? I could have helped you. You could have helped me!

Why didn’t you tell me?

Now it’s too late & I’ll never know.


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  1. I see Masters and Johnson! You might want to check out this post by Kittywampus. (I also mentioned Kittywampus’s post in this post of mine.)

    Pretty amazing revelation, huh? To me, it surely was.

    • Ouch. The criticism I’m most familiar with about Masters & Johnson is the four-stage sex response, due to its relative rigidness. The research may have been comprehensive, but there’s still a lot of variation. Plus if you say that one such response or another is what is “Normal,” the problem is that that implies that having a different response is, not normal.

      This book is actually the one that I’m most likely to want to read (besides the Hygiene of Marriage… kind of want to read that for the same reason I might be inclined to watch a Horror film once in awhile…)

      But when I get around to it, I’ll definitely take it with big heaping tablespoon of salt. It’s scary to think about Masters taking advantage of Johnson like that. How are you even doing that?

  2. […] know, I don’t go looking for this stuff. Between this, and classic sexuality books, you must all think I deliberately seek this stuff out. I don’t. I just kind of find this […]

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