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It’s that time again. Posts I found particularly interesting over the last week.  Share links if you got ’em. I’m sure there’s more…

The making of a disease: female sexual dysfunction – not a blog post and not new, but new to me. Backlash against the backlash against “Creating” female sexual dysfunction. I should not feel grateful when I see professionals actually acknowledging that there are real, biological changes (and accidents) that can lead FSD. But I do because such sentiment is rare and overlooked. Especially lines like this:

The common error of equating self reported sexual problems with medically diagnosable disorder is well recognised.

However, to focus only on this and neglect the need for research into aetiology, pathogenesis, and treatment of women’s sexual dysfunction from disease, medical, and surgical interventions, is unfortunate. To date, neither the major neurotransmitter involved in vaginal congestion nor the autonomic innervation of the vulval structures has been established. Industry funding facilitates research of interrupted sexual responses from chemotherapy, pelvic surgery, neurological disease, premature menopause, and drug treatment, as well as healthy sexual physiology.


Nipple and Clitoral Stimulation and Sex During Labor – A bit strange, but kind of interesting.

Judge Reportedly Questioned Whether Woman Was Raped Because She Was “On Top” – appalling; Marcella picks apart everything that is wrong with this situation.

Phil Bronstein on Good Vibrations: not for women anymore? – I vaguely recall hearing something about GV’s sale a few years ago; Violet Blue (in reference to a Phil Bronstein article) talks about some subsequent, and unfortunate, changes since then. See also friday nibbles – VB’s link roundup with commentary.

In defence of feminists’ weddings – Another case where I should not have to feel grateful for hearing an opposing viewpoint, but I do, especially since Snowdrop Explodes does a good job presenting another side.

This is how the world ends – Grim outlook on global warming.

Eve’s Bible – because I am one of those people who “wanted to read the Bible, but…'”

13 years ago – Regina Lynn on her personal history with sex & the internet. Kind of reminds me of Audacia Ray’s Naked on the Internet book. Man, and to think, I’ve been on the internet for 11 years now…

Twisty Faster Shares Definition of “Porn” with Anthony Comstock! Film at 11. – Holly critiques everything wrong with TF’s critique of a … DeviantArt photographer. See also Part 2, TWIFI, The Inevitable Sequel: Comments!

Colbert Reacts to Archie’s Comic Proposal – Video clip worth viewing.

How to explain the public option for healthcare reform. Really. – Delivers what it promises.

Goverment Health Sources on Twitter, Including Women’s Health – something to add to your “Follow” thing if you use that them thar Twitter service.

Saturday: movies, meds, more – including, among other things, the lines,
I should back up and say, this is after my doctor’s appt. where I did not get an EKG, because the nurse informed that “last year was a good year” (I had an EKG last year), whereas this year the insurance companies are “being weird” and some of them have “decided not to pay for it,” and they (the doctor’s office) doesn’t know if the insurance company will or won’t pay for the EKG until after they file the claim, and if the insurance won’t pay it, they have to bill the patient. So she asked if I wanted the EKG and I said no – taking a gamble that because it was fine last year, no hidden problems have crept up since then. But this is just a perfect example of the big fucking problem in this country. I mean, okay, first, if you don’t have coverage, you’re just screwed – and don’t I know that all too well. Then, if you do have coverage, an insurance company gets to decide which procedures and medications you should have. Your decision on how to manage your health is based on if you can afford it or not, which is so fucking perverse that I hate even typing it. So, how many people are skipping the EKG and then they’ll have a heart attack and then the insurance will cover only 50% of their ER visit because the hospital was “out of network,” and on and on like that. The other perverse thing is, once you’re given a death sentence, Medicare will pay for pretty much everything hospice-related (as happened w/ my dad). They can’t be arsed for preventative care or maintenance medication, but if you’re about to die, well, they’ll help with that, they’ll pretend to care.

Ask Professor Foxy: How Can I Be Sexually Active with HPV? – Prof. Foxy addresses ways to talk to your sex partner about transmission of STIs. This sounds like something that could have multiple applications.

On swallowing shit – why bootstraps logic doesn’t work.

The Perineum, Privacy and Normal Birth by Evelyn Ojeda-Fox – mostly I like the picture that says “I ❤ MY PERINEUM,” but besides that it talks about how pressure to perform during childbirth can hinder the birthing process, and damage the perineum (which I hope to avoid if/when that time comes.)

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