Interesting posts, weekend of 8/16

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It’s that time again. Posts I found particularly interesting for one reason or another. This is a pretty big round up this week; lots of blogging going on. Share links if you got ’em.

Why ignore misogyny? (Because it hurts less.) – More on the Sodini murders and the way the media (and those who make it up) responded to it.

I’ll have the rainbow sherbert, please – The sound of an ice cream truck is without a doubt the best sound in the universe, to me. If I saw this truck driving down my street I’d have to take pictures. Delivers what it promises.

Epic battle of Nice Guys® vs. common sense at Penny Arcade – I like this web comic but I gota tell you, that conversation in question seemed kind of… weird to me too. I couldn’t tell if the writers were writing in-character or not (I’m hoping it was in-character…)
There was also a follow up, Penny Arcade update.

since the nation is abuzz with health care talks, I think I’ll join in – a post from another vulvar pain blogger discussing the double standard for men & women who seek permanent birth control for one whatever reason. The reason may not necessarily be primarily for birth control, that’s merely incidental to maintaining or improving overall health.

On a somewhat related note, Actually, we already -have- “death panels.” – Putting up with shit from insurance companies when attempting to get proper care. I’m familiar with this phenomenon.

Cosmocking: September ’09 – I like these posts.

Harrison Ford: Aggrieved Patriarch – lol I just watched Air Force One today.

Sex Radical is a Dirty Word – lots of discussion brewing about an anti-sex work group in Rhode Island.

The people and their cultures: POC and the movies – very comprehensive post detailing whitewashing and racism in film.

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