Interesting posts, week of 8/8/09

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A little late this week. Posts I found particularly interesting over the last week. Share links if you got ’em.

Gunman Murders Gym-Going Women; Misogynists Approve – there have been a lot more posts than this about the Sodini murders, this one talks about the response seen online.

…and I declare the president of Zambia to be obscene – one man’s porn is another’s… childbirth photography?

lol your understanding of feminism – there was an article about the evil horrors of feminism posted in Psychology Today… luckily, there was also a response in the same place!

A national electronic health & social record – HIPPA laws exist in the US for a reason. Several reasons. And here are some of them.

They are mine, they are mine, they are mine – Breasts are not public property or signposts to stare at, so stop acting like they are.

Hip To Be Square: Part Two In a No-Doubt Ongoing Series – Two different movie trailers that on closer analysis turn out to be… the… same movie trailer. Yet generate different reactions from the critics. How does that even work?

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  1. Thanks for the link! 🙂

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