Interesting posts, weekend of 8/1

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Dear internets, what a week.

It’s that time again – posts that I found particularly interesting over the course of the last few days. Share links if you got ’em.

And on the women in porn are not human front we have this… – ouch. Renegade Evolution & commenters pick apart a porn- and body-negative comment. On a related note, one of her guest posts @ Feministe.

Behold My Love Advice – mostly I just like the title on this one, partly I still can’t find a relationship advice columnist I like, and finally, Sady makes some good points.

Some Things They Don’t Mention About Pregnancy – People, I need you to tell me these things.

Feminist Pornographer – Betty Dodson reflects on her experiences years ago as an artist & writer, writing and making art about sex – and the fallout that came after.

Teens get in on The Secret – I really don’t like this kind of book. I’m reading a book just like The Secret right now (only it’s even older & written as a novel,) and I am hating every single second of it. Why am I reading one of those books. And this quote reflects a big problem I have with this brand of think-positive self-help philosophy:

And that was when I realized how disgustingly classist The Secret is. It seems like the luxury of “thinking positively” can only be saved for people who have all the opportunities at their fingertips and for some reason can’t figure out how to take them.

I mean, thinking positively isn’t going to help a little girl in Nepal, where 1 in 24 women will die in pregnancy, most in their teens, and the rates of trafficking are sky high, if she really wants a bike. Or a Barbie dream house. Or, y’know, to not be married at the cusp of puberty or sold into prostitution. I mean, come on.


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