Vulvodynia will be appearing on TV shortly

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Set your TIVOs & old timey VHS decks to record this:

According to His & Her Health forum,

Be sure to tune into 20/20 next Friday [August 7, 2009 -K] at 10pm ET, when Dr. Timothy Johnson, ABC News’ Chief Medical Editor, will discuss the diagnosis and treatment of sexual pain disorders and vulvodynia with Andrew Goldstein, MD, and Amy Stein, MPT. Dr. Goldstein directs the Center for Vulvovaginal Disorders in Washington, DC, and New York City. Ms. Stein, a New York-based physical therapist, specializes in the treatment of pelvic and urogynecological pain disorders. The segment will also feature the stories of two women with sexual pain, as well as an interview with Christin Veasley, NVA’s associate executive director, and her husband Melvin.

More of the same @ alternate link

You’ll definitely want to check your local TV listings to find out what time & channel it will be airing for you. The description also mentions, “Sexual pain disorders,” so it sounds like we may hear a few words on some other related conditions.

I hope they get it right this time. I’m a little apprehensive after what happened the last few times vulvodynia was on TV.

Probably the first time vulvodynia was mentioned on TV was during Sex & the City, which generated some attention & discussion, but the topic was handled flippantly. There was that episode of Private Practice (Season 1, “In which Addison finds the magic,”) which was a little more complicated & in depth, but still not 100% satisfactory. I don’t believe that Oprah ever aired that episode about vulvodynia the producers were recruiting for about a year or two ago. I don’t think that show was aired in Fall 2008. If it was, I must have missed the post-show discussion that was surely generated online.

At this point, there is little influence any of us can have on what happens during the show. I’m hoping that since the Goldstein, Stein & Veasley are familiar with vulvodynia, the discussion will be accurate and professional.What’s been said has been said, so it’s up to the editors now.

Here’s hoping it goes well.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this information. I never know when these specials are on until its too late.
    This should be especially interesting because Dr. Goldstein will be my new doctor very soon. This will give me a chance to check the guy out before meeting him in an exam room.

    I would imagine that since there are specialists on instead of a tv show the information should be pretty accurate. Here’s hoping

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