Interesting posts, weekend of 7/19

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Posts I found particularly interesting over the course of the week.

Oh and hay, post links if you got ’em.

Women and Men – a look at how male vs. female employment effects the great recession of 2k9, and vice versa.

Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy #20 – blog link roundup, delivers what it promises.

The 1973 NOW Sexuality Conference – Betty Dodson reflecting on her experiences preparing for and participating in the one and only conference NOW held on female sexuality.

Cosmocking: August 09! – Holly picks apart the newest issue of Cosmopolitan.

Sex ed in the UK: actually about sex (NSFW) – I liked Violet Blue’s take on this. A topic making the blog rounds this week is that a sex education pamphlet released in the UK actually addresses sex for pleasure. People are freaking out.
I’m actually a little torn up about this myself – not because of a fear that addressing sexual pleasure will encourage teenage promiscuity or moral decay – but because for me, it’s…
Not really that easy… Apparently pleasurable sex is supposed to be that easy but sometimes, finding pleasure isn’t that simple… I’ve been trying to find a copy of the leaflet itself so I can analyze it, but so far I have been unsuccessful. So in my head I’m thinking, “Well yes sex is supposed to be pleasurable but does the pamphlet have any advice on what to do if it’s not? Does it even consider the possibility? If it doesn’t, what does that say to & about people like me?”

Women, confidence, and fear of male judgment – Laura talks about how anxiety about being judged as a female participant in male-dominated activities influences her performance. I’m familiar with this phenomenon since I’ve heard of it before & it’s documented. It’s very catch-22.
For me, if I’m participating in a usually male-dominated activity (most frequently video games,) my fear is that the other participants will gang up on me & target my character in order to “Put me back in my place,” so to speak. She thinks she can play games (and believe me, I can,)  so I feel like I have to work twice as hard to prove myself. And if I fail, it must be because I’m a girl and therefore not good at it. But if I win, the guys gripe about being beaten by a girl, which is disgraceful, as opposed to being beaten by a genuinely good player, which isn’t so bad.

Speaking of video games, What more could a girl want? – how video game companies so frequently fuck up when they produce games they think girls want. I find that game marketing in general tends to be run along gender and age stereotypes though.

And speaking of marketing in general, The Peril and Promise of Pink – You know, I actually like to collect pink objects, but what’s up with pink = girls buy this? I think part of the backlash against the color is a direct result of this type of marketing – it’s infantilizing and sexist.
And being pink does not make up for putting out an otherwise shitty, overpriced product. And don’t forget to think before you pink while you’re shopping.

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