Interesting posts, weekend of 6/21

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Links to contemporary posts & places you may find interesting. This may or may not become a recurring feature.

There’s so much coverage on the Iran protests on the tubes right now. I can’t keep track of all of it.

The NVA has a new feature for patients looking to learn more about vulvodynia.

Your fibromylagia is real, no need to remind me, but apparently some people still don’t get it. Also something about how it’s only real because Big Pharma wants to make $$$ of of it. I’ve encountered this idea about FSD before too and I don’t like it.

I know that some patients with vulvodynia also have fibromylagia. This, and/or other conditions. It’s a widespread enough phenomenon that the NVA is involved with another website to address these overlapping conditions.
It’s about the same argument I’ve heard from Dr. Teifer re: FSD.

Perhaps somewhat related since it relates to medicine, What “Elective Surgery” really means. Written in response to late-term abortions & Dr. Tiller’s murder.

Jessica Valenti wrote something about the Virginity Movement.

I’m sure there’s more…

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