Women’s Health Heroes nominations 2009

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EDIT FOR FOLLOW UP 4/9/09: Ok I e-mailed Wendy about putting your real name in the submission form and she said, it’s okay to make a request, in the Comments section of the nomination form, to be Anonymous. If you need further reassurance, please glance at this entry and you’ll see that it’s written by Anon.
That is a great big giant relief.

Just a quick reminder,

At this point, you have a little less than a month to submit a nomination for someone you consider to be a Women’s Health Hero to the Our Bodies, Our Blog blog. The term is pretty broad – examples include a high school sex ed teacher, an activist, or even – your sweet self.

Of course the first thought that comes to my mind is to nominate a doctor who does a good job treating vulvar pain. Which is probably who I would (Will?) nominate.

Other vulvar health related persons who come to my mind – perhaps the author of a book you found empowering? The organizer of a support group? An empathetic counselor?
Keep in mind that Dr. Elizabeth Stewart has already been nominated by someone else so if you like her vote for that entry. There’s also a nomination for A Lichens Sclerosis support group organizer, so you may want to bump that up with a positive vote too.

Or perhaps you would prefer to vote for & nominate no one at all because maybe you’re still looking for someone.

Make sure you read the rules – everything you say can and will be used against you and I know how embarrassing it can be to put your real name to the entire internet, especially if the nomination relates to your personal health.
Especially if that personal health in question be genital in nature.
Don’t forget, there’s also always Fine Print.

Making a reminder here to remind myself to enter too – I meant to do this last year for one of my doctors, but got all tangled up with work for


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