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My, my, my…

It appears that my efforts have not been all for naught. Apparently my little pet project I have going on here will be mentioned as a resource in a paper bound or digital book. Gee, it only took me about 10 years of strenuous writing to get good enough to be listed in such a one. I knew I took those hard AP & college writing courses for a reason… I expect this site would be listed in a back appendix. That’s how these sort of things usually roll.

My understanding is that this book is written “By the people, for the people,” so to speak. It’s described as “Crowdsourced,” which could never have existed without the internet. No single person (other than maybe the organizer herself) is THE end-all, beat-all source. Open sourced vaginas & vulvar wisdom.

I wonder which company is the publisher.

I see also that Tamara & the author of My Chassis have also been included, at least. Congratulations. I would hope that the other blogs I regularly read about living with vulvar pain (conveniently listed on the side of this site) would also be included. I may find out as more bloggers come home & start unscreening comments.

I’m glad to see laypeople taking this sort of thing seriously. The doctors I like & see already do a good job taking pelvic pain seriously – I believe one of them has a great big giant textbook coming out at the end of March. Being acknowledged like this though, in a collaborative project – that makes me feel kind of special. Maybe I’m doing the right thing after all, even if I stumble sometimes.

I guess I’ll just, Stay the course then! Rolling forwards…

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  1. Hello, I have also written a digital ebook, it is calle Cures for Females with Sexual Dysfunctions and is available on my website… I tried to give as much information in the book as I could to help women Naturally overcome their dysfunction, it teaches some different techniques and solutions to FSD.

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